Alupro Ireland shortlisted for Green Award 2016

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Alupro Ireland is delighted to have been short-listed for the Green Awards 2016, for the second year running, for work carried out in 2015 with programmes such as Every Can Counts, CanIt!, Eco Alu Art & Design Award & Make Tea Lights Matter.

Alupro works with other Government Agencies and NGOs in stimulating awareness about aluminium packaging recycling and would like to acknowledge the partnership approach of Repak, the DoE Tidy Towns Unit & SuperValu, Eco Unesco and An Táisce ,Green Communities, Green Schools and Green Campus in promoting and spreading the word about our campaigns and programmes. We are a small initiative, in an even smaller niche area and it stands to all who provided their skills and encouragement to make it work – the sponsors and partners, the interns, the volunteers and the most importantly public who take part in our projects, at school, at work or on the go!.

Green NGO of the Year - shortlist 2016



Can Crusher roll out begins in County Meath

Can Crushers roll out begins in County Meath

In Ireland, an estimated 180 million drinks cans are consumed per annum outside the home, either ‘on the go’ or by employees in the workplace. Every Can Counts estimates that an organization of 50 employees could recycle 3,000 drinks cans per year by making recycling part of their everyday routine.

Aluminium cans are 100% recyclable and have a commodity value, so it really makes sense to collect them for recycling.

If cans are clean from contamination, they do not have to be re-cleaned, making it simpler and adding value to the resource supply chain – can crushers makes this simple.

Alupro Ireland has received Agenda 21 funding for 2016 providing cans crushers, through its Every Can Counts campaign, in Meath and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Councils, this is a wonderful resource for separated can recycling, in these areas.

Can crushers are onsite in Tayto Park and Trim Castle as well as roving can crushers, which will be stationed at various public areas in Trim, including schools and the library.

The can crushers allow cans to be separately recycled on site, wherever they are situated and are a novel way to engage the public in recycling. Once crushed each crusher has capacity for 2,000 cans – 20 bin bags and the material recovered is much cleaner than that in our on street bins.

Trim Tidy Towns are currently collecting cans, throughout the year as part of Every Can Counts and recycling them through Panda Waste recycling division IPR. We would like to see many more Tidy Towns groups taking a similar initiative around Meath and making use of this valuable resource for the community. Remember cans have a value and can be traded for cash.

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council have supported community and educational facilities by supplying can crushers, St. Andrew’s College being the most recent beneficiary, with Shankill TT and IADT signed up to receive their can crushers to complement their individual waste management projects.

If your Tidy Towns group or school or indeed company would like to get involved in separating cans for recycling and perhaps donating the proceeds of your cans locally, please get in touch with Every Can Counts or your local authority Environmental Awareness Officer.


Eco Alu Art & Design Award winners - St John Bosco CS Kildysart, Co. Clare

Alupro Ireland sponsored the Eco Alu Art & Design Award for the fourth year this year with wonderful results. The Young Environmentalist Awards as always were an inspiration to all and as Melody Boateng UNESCO representative said : 'the future is in good hands with these young people'!

The  showcasing event was presided over by Director of Eco Unesco Elaine Nevin, with over 600 entries received for what is in itself a gruelling process , the judges were very impressed with the outcome.

The Eco Alu Art & design award is a special award aimed at showcasing the work young people have made from Aluminium packaging, to highlight the value of the resource and it's recyclability. Pieces with an environmental theme, made from Aluminium used packaging bring to life the connection between aluminium and our environment and the importance of recycling this resource.

We are so pleased that St John Bosco Community College, Kildysart, Co. Clare won the award for their 'Christmas Can Can' project.

The Christmas Can Can group wanted to highlight the recyclability and upcyclability of used aluminium cans. The students decorated school bins with used cans and made Christmas decorations from used cans - which they sold at the Christmas Craft Fair in the town highlighting not just to the school but also the wider community the valuable resource that used cans are and their infinite recyclablity. They produced posters and catchy slogans to encourage awareness of the recyclability of cans at their school.

Well done St. John Bosco CS from the Alupro Ireland team!


Can It! 2016

The CanIt! award is now one of the oldest Special Award categories in the Tidy Towns competition and we have  been delighted to work with the Tidy Towns Unit over the years to provide support to communitites looking to improve their area, whilst  at the same time raising awareness about the recyclability of  used aluminium packaging generated in their community. Aluminium cans and foils are often discarded as a waste - they should be a resource for communities!

As the final entry date approaches we look forward to many wonderful designs and endeavours as in years past and if you would like to get your entry in please click for an entry form to us at Alupro Ireland before the end of May.

Good Luck to All!


Tea Light Campaign - A Great Success

Alupro Ireland in collaboration with IKEA Ireland and WEEE Ireland, is delighted to announce the winners of our Tea Light Competition. With over 1,600 entries and many schools from the greater Dublin area the results have been outstanding. Winners will be notified individually in the coming days... Congratulations to all entrants on all of your outstanding entries....

Winning School - Hedgestown NS Lusk

Individual Winners

Age 4-6 - Amy Van Kampen

Age 7-9 - Siobhán Watson

Age 9-11 - Clíona Igoe


Alupro Ireland would like to thank sponsors of the competition EAFA for their support for the Tea Light Campaign 2015/6.


Alupro Ireland - Tea Light Campaign for Ireland

Tea lights are growing in popularity and use in Ireland both in Summer for parties, communions and confirmations and in Winter when the days grow shorter and darkness settles in and we need that little glow. Alupro Ireland has teamed up with IKEA and WEEE Ireland in a novel project for Ireland, spearheading a campaign to recycle the little aluminum containers holding the popular candles.

Tea Lights though not strictly speaking a packaging item are found all around us..and to encourage them into the recycling stream we have launched the campaign in the greater Dublin area, all primary school classes are being challenged to collect as many tea light holders as possible and to recycle them at IKEA , to encourage schools involvement, they will be given the opportunity to enter a coloring competition, with various age categories and individual prizes and an overall schools prize of a visit to IKEA with €500 euros in vouchers to spend.

Consumers are also being encouraged to recycle used tea light holders, either in their green recycling bin at home or at bring and civic amenity sites, where they can deposit them with aluminium cans or aluminium packaging collected separately. Every piece of aluminium is continuously recyclable and recycling aluminium prevents the use of 95% of the natural resources and energy used, when producing the same product from virgin material. Download application forms on our Schools Competition Page or Alupro Ireland Facebook Page



Alupro Ireland wins Public Sector Award 2015


Alupro Ireland has been nominated for the Public Sector magazine award 2015. This nomination is for the work that Alupro Ireland has done over the past three years with the Every Can Counts and other campaigns - Every Can Counts is now operating in all local authority areas on the ground with schools, community groups, events and in the workplace, this programme has been the flag bearer. However, Alupro Ireland also works on specific campaigns targetting schools and the wider community ,namely the Eco Alu Art and Sustainability in Design Award - as part of the Eco Unesco, where over 1,000 primary and secondary schools as well as Youthreach groups take part in a competition to design an environmentally friendly product or piece- based on sustainability criteria. Alupro Ireland supports the Tidy Towns Programme with the CanIt! award- with over 860 entries this year- promoting can collection and recycling throughout the year with the Tidy Towns Programme.




Alupro Ireland Award Winner Mediva walks with the stars..

Mediva- Alupro Ireland winner of the ECO Alu Art & Design Award walked with the stars at the premier of Spectre in London, the wonderful work of the transition year students of Moate CS and their art teacher has been commended for the artistic endeavour, but also the message it sends out to young people on the value of recyling and upcycling aluminium for future generations.


Can It! Award - Winner's announced at Tidy Towns Ceremony in Helix Dublin, September 28th

Alupro Ireland's 8th year sponsoring the CanIt! Award saw the winners  Trim Tidy Towns & Youth Reach group, presented with their 2,000 euro prize on the 28th September. With a large interest in the CanIt! Award over the years Alupro Ireland increased the prize fund this year - in line with many other sponsors in the Special Category Awards.

The Can It! Award promotes the re-use or upcycling of aluminium packaging through its re-use as a piece of art, encouraging particular emphasis on re-use with an environmental theme... we have had fantastic entries, everything from can dragons to windmills- solar cars to bring bank signage and more recently we have seen an upsurge in innovative fashion.  All to heartily encouraged.

The Awards ceremony will be televised on RTÉ 1 throughout this week and clips of award winners shown... we are delighted with the results!