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For your nearest aluminium can and foil public collection banks visit: Repak or Dublin Waste

Recycling in Ireland

Alupro ireland believes that everyone can recycle aluminium cans and flexible aluminium packaging, whether it be in their green bins at home, at local bring banks or civic amenity sites, we also encourage people to recycle aerosols at civic amenity sites and bring centres, once they have emptied the aerosol can properly - all aluminium is infinitely recyclable.

Alupro Ireland encourages recycling through it's many awareness campaigns for schools and communities including; Can It! which is a special award category as part of Tidy Towns, & the Eco Unesco Young Environmentalist Awards providing both primary and secondary schools the challenge of designing something with a benefit to the environment, from used aluminium packaging. We have also run awareness programmes such as Love Where You Live and the National Spring Clean schools can collection in the past. For further information please see Recycling Campaigns

In 2015, we will launch the Tea Light Campaign to drive tea-lights into the recycling stream... with a little help from IKEA and WEEE Ireland!




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  At Home

 In the Workplace  At School

If you have a green bin, simply put your aluminium drinks cans together with clean foil takeaway and readymeal trays and emptied aerosols into the bin for recycling. Some waste collection companies do not collect aerosols yet so please check.

If you do not have a green bin, take your aluminium drinks cans, clean foil and emptied aerosols to your local bring bank or when making a trip to your local recycling centre or civic amenity site.

Remember all aluminium packaging is 100% recyclable so there is no excuse....just wash squash and pop it in the recycling bin!

Irish people spend an average 37 hours a week at work, and most of us eat on the job or at local restaurants and takeaways, bringing cans back with us. Can you make collecting cans for recycling part of your 'Green Business' sustainability programme?

To do this, the first step should be to promote a recycling champion within the company, who should liaise with the company waste manager, and the external waste management contractor. You will need management support, and to appoint a team responsible for the internal collection and management of the cans collected. Take a look at for more ideas or contact Alupro Ireland.


Alupro Ireland has worked on schools and youth projects with An Taisce and the Department of the Environment Tidy Towns. Since 2008 we have been running our 'Can It' competition for Tidy Towns entrants and schools. 

Look out for Eco Unesco Young Environmentalist Awards with Alupro Ireland in 2016

If you would like to enter any of our competitions please contact us for further information and entry forms .