The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation Ireland

Alupro Ireland was delighted to sponsor the Eco Alu Art & Design Award at the Young Environmentalist Showcase for the fourth year running.  Once again, the results have been outstanding.

The Eco Alu Art & design award is a special award aimed at showcasing the work young people who have recycled aluminium packaging into something new.

It highlights the reuse an recycling value of beverage cans and other aluminium packaging. Using an environmental theme, these projects draw a connection between aluminium and the environment, demonstrating the importance of recycling this valuable resource.

There were over 600 entries, of an incredibly high standard, making this one of the toughest competition yet.

We are so pleased that St John Bosco Community College, Kildysart, Co. Clare won the award for their ‘Christmas Can Can’ project.

The ‘Christmas Can Can’ group produced Christmas decorations by upcycling used beverage cans.  They increased the can collection in their school by producing posters with catchy slogans, and decorating beverage can bins to highlight the drive to recycle.

With more raw material, they produced a massive number of Christmas decorations which were sold at the school fair and decorated the school Christmas tree. The group took their project one step further, getting in touch with the local Tidy Towns group of decorate the town tree, further spreading the message that aluminium in infinitely recyclable.

As always, the ‘Young Environmentalist Awards’ are an inspiration to all, Melody Boateng UNESCO representative summed it up well when she said “the future is in good hands with these young people”.

Well done to all who took part, and a very special congratulations St. John Bosco CS and their ‘Christmas Can Can’ team.