The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation Ireland

How easy is it to add aluminium?

Most recovery operators already recycle mixed cans. They are easily collected within both commingled or source separated systems, and materials recovery facilities (MRFs) are well-equipped to sort aluminium from steel.

In the UK, many recovery operators or local authorities have added materials like empty aerosols to meet householders’ desire to recycle more at home.  Alupro Ireland would like to see all recovery operators collecting all these materials in Ireland, and realising the value from this material stream.

We know that householders are keen to recycle more materials. Alupro Ireland offers a range of support to recovery operators who are expanding or promoting their recycling activity, including communications resources to help achieve maximum participation (see our Resource Library).

A core part of Alupro Ireland’s mission is to encourage and support those recovery operators that are collecting, or would like to capture more, of this valuable waste stream.

Introducing aluminium cans, foil trays,empty aerosols and household foil to a recycling collection scheme expands the range of materials that residents can recycle with little, or minimal, additional cost.