The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation Ireland

Why collect Aluminium?

  • Low weight, but high value:  Aluminium commands the highest price per tonne for any material collected at kerbside.  Even relatively small amounts of additional aluminium yield reasonable cost benefits.
  • Stable price. Because of the cost-effectiveness of recycling compared to primary production aluminium packaging is always in demand, and is relatively cushioned from the fluctuations in value that affect most recycled materials.
  • Easy to handle.  In the home empty aerosols and foil trays can be collected together, alongside food and drinks cans and other dry recyclables. At a MRF aluminium is easily sorted from other materials, and advances in mechanical sorting technology mean separating smaller fractions of the aluminium stream has become more commercially viable.
  • Better service.  Collecting a full range of aluminium cans, aerosols and foil from the household expands the range of materials that residents are able to recycle in the home, providing a more comprehensive service.