The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation Ireland

Introducing ‘Masters of Infinity’ a fun manga comic inspired adventure that sends pupils on a mission to defeat the evil ‘Land Phil’. With the help of the Infinites, a group of warriors who use the power of recycling, pupils will embark on a series of quests, developing their science, maths and creative skills along the way!

Innovative quests & blended learning

Help primary school pupils understand the importance of recycling with Masters of Infinity. These resources are free to download for use in the class room or via remote learning.  Visit here for access to your free classroom resources and pupil activities.

Masters of Infinity has been created with Alupro and Alupro Ireland, industry-funded, not-for-profit organisations promoting the recyclability of aluminium packaging.

This programme was designed to help empower young people to make recycling aluminium and other materials a part of their daily lives. With links to science, maths, art and PSHE curricula, the programme will help develop your pupil’s team-building, scientific and creative-thinking skills.

Plus, all pupils aged 7-11 will have the chance to get creative with a manga inspired comic strip.